“Art is a way to express yourself. Through art, we can communicate, we are able to show our own ideas and thoughts, and we feel freedom to show ourselves to the world. Because of art, we can raise our voices, we can claim without fear. Femmeart arises from this interior necessity, from the interior voice who urges to rebel.” 

What is Femmeart?
Femmeart it is a quarterly editorial publication where, through interviews and women’s opinions, we take a closer look on the life of these women, talking about current and controversial topics. With a different perspective, we would like to overcome imposed stereotypes and show own thoughts

“Women raise their voices more and more. Women with different lives, women who are able to revolutionize the society with their experiences, are able to show that there is not only one role model or woman prototype. Are able to show that the freedom of every woman resides in herself. Women who, with their lives, with her daily struggles, create art.

For that reason, Femmeart doesn’t only talk about art. We talk about business, about literature, about feelings, about femininity, about politics, about equality, about street life and daily difficulties. We definitely talk about current reality.”

We from Femmeart think that information and culture should be free, for that reason we provide you with our web page where you can read all the interviews. We also have a section where you can download the online publication.