Nowadays, the number of families facing evictions or unemployment has increased. Families who have been forced to move back in with their grandparents or other family members; fathers or mothers who for the reasons of being unemployed have to stay all the day in their homes. Economically, the salary it is marginal or sometimes non-existent.

All of these factors affect family relationships.

Kapsulas rests upon the necessity of communication between parents and children in our actual society.

Our project is the creation of an innovative online platform, with a different proposal of design and content, who transmits a positive attitude, directed and adapted to the new models of families and to the new times.

In this web site, it is intended to build stronger the relationship between parents and children and to learn from each other, e. g. about topics like the importance of saving energy or money, the contact with the nature or the alimentation

In order to make the project become”stronger” (more complete), we created a family of animated characters, that helps and educated also a children and adults. Each character represents a specific topic

So as to promote the use of this website, we created several teasers introducing the characters.

This project has been designed with Mr Serg and Dánae Monclús, two young Spanish designers.