This project has been selected as a Good Practice 2014 in the International Design for All Foundation Awards 2015.

Ricard is a 6 years old child suffering from ALD, a genetic disease leading to several neurological and mental disorders. He is a lovely and happy child, but because of his disease, he is feeling ashamed to go on school trips when he must take his pills and medications

For that reason, the proposal of the design is based on the idea of turning self-medication into an enjoyable experience through the re-design of the medical kit, the containers, and their visual image. The pills and the bottle of Lorenzo’s Oil (a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids Ricard needs to take) are converted into objects not to be ashamed of, but rather into desirable ones; also creating a comic that allows this “superhero” child to share his story with his classmates when, for example, they are on a school trip together.

The most important work in this project was the interaction with the child. As well as to know his hobbies, what he likes and the limitations he has because of the disease.
So, together we decided upon the theme of the medical pack.

One of the most important decisions that we took was to convert the pills into candies and to design a typical packaging for them.

On all of the products, there are warnings that these are personal medicines that are not to be passed to others.

In this story, the superhero wins over the disease (that has a form of a monster) after he has taken the pills and the oil.