Pure is a high standing range of soap products whose principal ingredient is the Black Soap.

From 100% natural, organic and Oriental ingredients, Pure is introduced into the Occidental market stressing its exclusivity, making the shower time a unique sensorial experience.

The range is based on 4 different formats, from which the client can choose the product that suits him or her best.

Thereby, we can first find the Black Soap with Olive Oil and Laurel Extract in pearls; a Bar Black Soap with Argan Oil, Black Olives and Eucalyptus; the Black Soap with Poppy Extract in gel and, finally the Black Soap of Argan Oil, Rose Extract and Salt from the Dead Sea in sheets.

The visual image is meant to show both minimalism and the Arabic root.

On the front of the packaging, we can see the name of the product in Arabic letters and a label with Arabic pattern in different colors, stitched to the principal packaging. The different color for each product depends on the actual ingredients.

As the product is supposed to serve the occidental market, we can also find the name and the complementary information on the back of the packaging in Latin letters.

This project has been designed with Rocío Peralta and Elena Serena, two young Spanish designers.