Graphic Campaign for TwentyTú Hostel

TwentyTú it is a low-cost hostel based in Barcelona.

In our campaign, we want to convert these low-cost features of the hostel into enjoyable and desired features for the potential customers.

The campaign consists of 4 posters aiming to recruit new customers and a new newsletter for the customer loyalty.



“Save money?
We like to be romantic.
We lowered the intensity of the lights at night”

“Save money?
We like you to stay with your family.
We have shared rooms without television”

“Save money?
We like you to have more time for yourself.
Our showers have a timer of 17s”

“Save money?
We like to be athletes.
We explore the city by bike”

This project has been designed with Rocío Peralta, a young Spanish designer.